Brief Introduction to the Company

Jyzarts Studio, located in Jinan city, Shandong province and established in 1990 by Mr. Xu Guowei,a

famous artwork collector,virtuoso and stamp-collector,is a specialized store mainly engaged in original

calligraphy and painting of celebrities. The store also deals with books of rubbings before the year 1949

and stamps of various countries. It has an area of more than 400m2, with a branch shop in 3rd floor of

Jinan New Century Trade City. The trademark Jyzarts has been registered under the Registration Section

of Administration for Industry and Commerce, P.R.C. In the past ten years of management the company

has always been putting its credit in the first lead. It servers the customers with complete devotion and all

the artworks to be sold of various kinds are authentic. Jyzatrs Studio has hold exhibition fairs of calligraphy

and painting for many times successfully, such as for activities of 45 and 50 anniversary celebrations of

establishment of China, and HongKong's Return to its motherland, and "Duoyunxuan Calligraphy and

Painting Exhibition Fair" etc. Many TV stations and newspaper offices reported these exhibition fairs. In

late 1999, the company published a set of New Year Post-card 2000, under the license of National

General Post Office. For establishment anniversary of the studio, serial festivities will be conducted

recently. "Jyzarts Studio network" is run especially for the purpose of making friends in different walks

having a full understanding of the studio's business and collection, exhibiting the studio's valuable

artworks before customers. To conduct various arts exchanges and exhibition fairs, Jyzarts Studio will be

pleased to accept invitations from relevant organizations and friends worldwide. Jyzarts Studio will make

new contributions for thriving enterprise of China nation's traditional arts.

We will send you a postcard celebrating the 10th anniversary of Jyzarts Studio free of charge once receiving your email,teltphone,letter or fax (ONLY LIMITED IN CHINA)



TEL:86-531-7926235 Fax:86-531-7926635 Mobile:86-(0)13953118098 Email: [email protected]
Address:#159-8,Jingwu Road,Jinan City,Shanddong Province,P.R.C. Zip code:250001
Jinnan Jyzaets Artworks Co.,Ltd.,Shandong Province,P.R.C.