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Lee Keran(Modern Times)is a late famous maestro of calligraphy and painting.
Inscriptions by Celebrities-Jyzarts in Chinese
Zhou Cangmi Ma Zikai Sun Ying Xu Bangda Chen Gengqiao
Cui Zifan Huang Miaozi
Painting Collections by Jyzarts Studio
Qian xuan
Yi ming
Wen zheng ming
Gao feng ham
Huang yi
Shang guan zhou
Song nian
Fa ruo zhen
Liang tong shu
Wang wen zhi
Tie bao
Guo shang xian
Tan sitong
Qi bai shi (calligraphy.painting)
Art Gallery
Ma Zikai Seal Cutting Exhibition Fair "Print of Qilu Celebrties"
   This is the first exhibition fair, which agglomerating more than ten years' of Ma Zikai's creation and painstaking effort.The fair has the characteristics of high artistry and knowledgeable. So it is a rare masterpiece that can be available. The book will be published and issued recently. The price is £¤38.00 and it will be free of postage for domestic readers.

Exhibition Fair of Collection of Valuable Calligraphy and Painting by "Duoyunxuan"

   On the 10th anniversary of establishment of Jyzarts Studio,we invite "Duoyun- -xuan" honorably and specially to exhibit its valuable works of calligraphy and painting which ammount to more than 100 pieces. (Catalogue of part of the works)

Pomp of serial activities to celebrate the 10th anniversary of establishment of Jyzarts Studio
   You can hit here for details...
Traditional Chinese Painting on Sale
Neoteric Painting and Calligraphy
Ancient Painting and Calligraphy

Painting and Calligraphy of Famous artists on sale
Chinese calligraphy and painting, common sense of arts



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